I'm always looking for a good list of some thing. What about you?

It finally occurred to me that it would be great to have a list of all the lists about a particular thing.

Then I'd be able to track down the best of a thing or just what I'm looking for or find out about some thing that is new or harder to find.

Also, I'd be able to discern more easily when a list was just a hidden promotion for a particular thing.

But everything changes so fast these days, things can get blurry. Here's a little clarity.

Have a thing list you want to share? Drop me a note.

The List of Lists of Lists of Lists of Things

I love to peruse lists of things that others have compiled to provide useful, fun and interesting information and advice.

Then some smart people started compiling lists of those lists, creating lists of lists or Lists2. Then came the meta-lists, Lists of Lists of Lists, or Lists3.

Let's face it. Lists of Lists of Lists of Lists of Things? Aren't we getting a little carried away? Maybe.

I give you: The Official Lists4 List.

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