Outrage overload

So. What can't you not say?

It Matters

What might happen from 2017 -2020 if our President is (R) or (D).

The American Landscape

  Republican Democrat
National parks Privatize or possibly eliminate national parks Protect national parks
Inequality Work harder, you bums Attempt to address systemic inequality
Racism What racism? Remains to be seen.
Police excessive use of force Huh? Don't break the law! Possible action by DOJ or a program to investigate misconduct
Guns Guns don't kill people, people do! Continue to block research on gun violence. Possibly guns in schools and other public locales.. Research causes, expand background checks, new technologies that allow only owner to fire weapon.
Voting Further erosion of voting rights Attempt to restore Voting Rights Act, vetoing GOP attempts to erode voting rights
Women Defund Planned Parenthood. Eliminate abortion, criminalize it if posssible. No equal pay for equal work Continue to fund Planned Parenthood, women's right to control their own bodies. Support equal pay for equal work.
War Reverse Obama's agreement with Iran. Invade or bomb Iran. Support Israel's complete takeover of Palestinian occupied land. Honor Obama's Iran accord. Seek a peaceful solution in Israel that includes Palestinean rights.
Schools Privatize, reduce funding for public schools. Invest in America by increasing funding for public schools.



  Republican Democrat
Taxes More tax cuts for wealthy and corporations Attempt to increase taxes for wealthy and corporations
Infrastructure Avoid spending money on infrastructure Rebuild infrastructure
Jobs Continue the Trickle Down debacle: give money to the rich through tax cuts, who then keep it. Jobs programs
Student Loans Possibly raise interest rates Status quo, or attempt to lower student loan interest rates



  Republican Democrat
Direction Move further to right Move back toward center
Abortion Overturn Roe v. Wade Protect choice
Election Process Expand Money = Speech Possibly overturn Citizens United
Corporate Personhood Status quo or expansion of personhood rights of corporations Limit personhood rights of corporations


Medical Care, Health and Well Being

  Republican Democrat
Affordable Care Act Repeal, 18+ million people lose insurance. Status quo, and possible attempts to fix ACA's many shortcomings
Water Supply Repeal Clean Water Act Keep CWA, rebuild infrastructure
EPA Eliminate the EPA Protect the EPA's ability to protect the environment
Climate Change Invite Jim Inhofe to bring snowballs to the White House. Act to slow global warming

I don't care if it's Bernie or Hillary.
If it's a Republican, it's game over, folks.


Climate change is a clear and present danger.

The case has been made. For decades. Yet, in America we continue to debate, as if a debate still exists.


Financial, political and ideological interests along with a complicit mainstream media have created a narrative that keeps us talking instead of collectively acting.

The evidence is clear and builds every single day. The danger is real and we are now deciding what kind of world we will leave for our families and their progeny.

If you get it, act, I joined 350.org. If you're unsure, get sure, do the homework. If you think it's a hoax or a conspiracy or bad science, most of Earth's inhabitants have moved beyond you.

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